At Fearless Wellness we believe that you are the captain of your healthcare team.

Most of today’s chronic problems can be impacted by lifestyle changes that you can implement if you have the guidance and support to do it.  We combine expertise in functional and allopathic medicine with integrative health coaching to give you the support you need to regain the vitality and energy you have been missing.

In our world of Too Many Choices, Too Much Information, and Too Many Experts with Different Opinions, a return to the basics is a good idea. My focus is on improving HEALTHSPAN- improving wellness using all available resources.

In past decades, we have seen lifespan improve, unfortunately,  recent studies show that our current trend is that our children will be be less healthy than previous generations. Many studies point to lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, environment and stress to contribute to this.

This is why at Fearless Wellness we focus on HEALTHSPAN not Lifespan, improving wellness and vitality using all available resources. 

JUMPSTART Resilience, Vitality and Longevity

Focusing on weight loss alone, frequently results in frustration, loss and regain and misery.  At Fearless Wellness, our goal is to increase energy, strength and vitality – feeling good makes us look good! My focus is on improving HEALTHSPAN- improving wellness using all available resources.

That is why I am happy to offer Prolon for my patients.  The 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet developed by Dr. Valter Longo and his team at USC provides an easy to follow jump start to healthier eating.  All food is included making it simple to follow.

Dr Valter Longo’s Fasting Mimicking Diet (Prolon) is an important adjunct to this approach. Dr Longo is a longevity researcher at the University of Southern California (USC). He and his team have conducted NIH funded research and developed a Five Day Fasting mimicking program that is FDA approved to support Longevity.

This may sound contradictory= I said lifespan is not the point- but, research demonstrates it is quality years that are enhanced.

You will hear more about autophagy in 2019 and beyond-It is the way the body removes debris- and can only happen in a fasting state.

The Prolon Jumpstart can help you establish positive momentum for improved healthspan starting NOW.

Start with a balance of:
Good food
Good rest
~ Good movement

Good sleep

Your Wellness JUMPSTART Package for 2019

The Wellness Jumpstart package includes:

1) Initial focused visit with me To evaluate if you would benefit from the Prolon Program.

2) If laboratory studies are indicated, I will order them at this visit.  

3) I will discuss lab results with you by phone, and schedule delivery of a 5-day Prolon food package to your home. 

4) I am available via text for the five days of the program.

5) We will schedule a 20 minute in office or Skype visit 7-10 days after you complete the five day cycle.

Package cost: 
$300 paid at initial visit. 
$225 paid when 5-day Prolon food kit is ordered. 
 Laboratory fees are paid separately.

Why You Should Work With Me

Creating a history to establish a base line is critical.  Together we look at why looking at your history would be useful.  If this is not the right fit, we will look at other options.

Water/juice fasts can support autophagy, but may also result in loss of lean muscle mass, never a good thing, and can be especially harmful after age 50.

It is important to establish overall health baseline, not everyone should do the Prolon Program.  The clinical evaluation will include some basic lab tests.

Prolon is easy to follow- there are no decisions to make; it is dairy and gluten free, and is not suitable for people with some food sensitivities.