Integrative Lifestyle Consultation and Coaching with Dr. Deb Kiley, DNP

My goal is to provide you with the healing presence, knowledge and integrative resources to find your greatest personal health. Prevention is not what I do- it is a result of what I do.  

I supply the tools that help you say “This is who I am, this is what I need to be healthy.”

Integrative lifestyle consultation and coaching are available anywhere using zoom or telephone.

I use decades of experience and study of diverse health systems and approaches to provide true personalized information.  Whether individual, group, or company, I will help you overcome the barriers to make the changes you need to make.

We will work together through:

As a subject matter expert, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience about what works and what doesn’t. I will listen to you and help you determine the best approach to achieve your goals.

Your success is directly related to the amount of energy and commitment you have for following your path towards optimal health. I will help you cultivate a powerful drive that lasts.

You will not be alone. I will listen to your hopes and fears and help you face them both with confidence, and together, we will devise a comprehensive plan to accomplish your ideal wellness.

Integrative Lifestyle Consultation

Lifestyle Consultation can be highly effective in reducing future health risks and treating existing conditions. There is growing evidence that lifestyle modification can be mroe effective as medication in the treatment of some chronic disease without the risks and side-effects.

At Fearless Wellness, we identify your current health status and lifestyle needs, then work with you to provide the necessary tools for living a healthy life. WE create strategies that work in YOUR life.

Research shows that small changes can make a big difference, AND that making even small changes can be a challenge. We help you find the key that helps you go over around or through the barriers that have kept you from achieving healthy goals.

Whether you’re looking for lifestyle changes to prevent health risks or suffering from a chronic or serious medical condition – we can help! You have the power within you, we provide the support to use it.


“Coaching” seems to be the new buzz word, we see it everywhere.  Coaching is important – it is a different approach to your wellness.  Many Health Providers have come to realize that empowering individuals and engaging them as partners in their healthcare planning and implementation is key to making the changes needed to fight our epidemic of chronic disease. 

As a clinician and integrative health coach, I have modified my practice to an empowerment model that embodies coaching. It takes the focus away from the ‘authority’ and places it at the true center, the person whose health is at stake- yours.

There are times when you really need a coach, to get you started, to help you sift through and understand the mountains of information and options.  Some health concerns are straight forward, others are complex.  What if you could learn how to be your own coach? To be proactive, to understand the basics.  Often we can look for the simple solutions that worked in, say our grandparents day, and add in select new findings that are needed because of changes in the world in which we are living.

In other words, what if you could discern when to use the right “tool” for the right job at the right time? There is a time and a place for rescue medicine, integrative medicine, coaching, and… self-coaching.

I have an advanced clinical understanding of how bodies work and what can help them heal, but you are always living in your body, living with your body. At Fearless Wellness, we give you the information, insight, and inspiration to make assisted healthcare most balanced, long-lasting, and effective.


Services in Anchorage, Alaska
I provide in person evaluations in my office in Anchorage, Alaska. This practice is consultative, and I regularly work with patient’s primary care providers to optimize wellness. I do not have a relationship with any insurance companies. I do provide a billing statement with appropriate codes for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Payment, like your health, is your responsibility.  

Services available outside Alaska
I provide both healthcare consultation and integrative health coaching using Zoom or telephone.  

"In 1999, I underwent a major surgical procedure that left me with significant post-op health issues. I consulted multiple doctors over the succeeding years until finally walking into Dr. Kiley’s office several years ago. From the start, I recognized that this time, things would be approached differently. Dr. Kiley incorporated traditional medical treatments with nontraditional ones so that my entire health was treated - not just my surgical issues. I learned new exercises tailored specifically for my needs as well as a whole new way of eating, relaxing, and approaching life in general. Over the course of time, my health has steadily and dramatically improved. I can honestly say that I’m now in better physical condition than ever before, thanks to Deb Kiley! "
~ Pam
Anchorage, AK
"Since working with Dr Deborah Kiley in the last year, I am healthier, have more clarity regarding my life priorities and I’m happier with who I am. Dr Kiley, as my personal Health Coach, takes the time to focus on the entire person relat