Dr. Deb Kiley Knows How to Read a Room

Authentic Engagement is what drives every aspect of Deb’s passion for wellness.  

The ultimate goal is to show individuals, groups, and companies that they have the power to change what they do to achieve their best health.

Wanting to help more people, and heal the healers, Deb expanded her successful clinical practice to include speaking.  Her combination of years of clinical practice, extensive education, and her drive to continually learn and understand comprehensive well-being, makes her the dynamic, down-to-earth, and sought after speaker she is today. 

Deb’s passion for wellness and focus on helping people understand and manage their own health brings a unique experience to conferences. Through a blend of interactive talks with extensive knowledge, humor, definable actions and take-aways, participants step from fearful to fearless on their own wellness journey.


  • Personal health planning
  • Owning your health
  • Integrative pain management
  • Empowerment to optimize health
  • Eating for health
  • Movement, exercise, and rest
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Improving healthcare outcomes through improved patient engagement
  • and others

Every speaking engagement includes topics that are customized for audience size and needs.  Deb authentically speak to a wide variety of audiences with the center of focus always being on showing people that they have the power to change what they do to enhance their health. 

  • Keynote
  • Meditation room or pod
  • Sales meeting
  • Workshop
  • Team training
  • Conference
  • Retreat
  • Continuing education

“When it comes to their own health, people expect barriers to get in the way and their progress becomes stalled.  They don’t have to. We can and will move them.”

“Let’s overcome the overwhelm. “

The goal is to fit the right information with the specific needs of the individual, group, or company, to arm them with only what they need.  This empowers as opposed to overwhelms.”


What People are Saying

"Insightful, understandable, professional - a session with Doctor Deb Kiley is more like a visit with a close girlfriend who happens to be an expert in healthcare than the cold, unapproachable, confusing doctoreze that most experts employ. She offers pragmatic, easy to follow advice, sage wisdom mixed with progressive care developed through an intimate understanding of traditional and clinical medical practices. On time, well prepared, and a joy to work with, I've been featuring Dr. Kiley in my newscasts for years. She is my go-to for both professional and personal health and wellness information."
~ Dorene Lorenz
Anchor/Host/News Director ABC Alaska/FOX Alaska/ KSRM News Group
“Dr. Deb Kiley is an inspirational speaker on the topic of wellness. She develops personalized sessions which are doable for the busy individual. She encourages and motivates you towards healthy living. Dr. Kiley’s healthy interludes at conferences are meant to invigorate and encourage you towards healthy living. Caring for you.”
~ Mary Ellen Roberts,
“Early in her career, Dr. Deb Kiley suggested wellness interludes for AANP and FAANP meetings. Her vision was to provide relief during long meetings that involved sitting, listening, and keeping bodies still, absent movement. We did not understand the value of breaking up the long hours with movement, thoughtful meditation or neutral postures. Well, no longer. We finally heard Dr. Kiley and listened to her suggestions to the degree that now we anticipate her exercises enthusiastically. She has taught us strategies to break up long sessions of sitting by giving us wellness breaks that are refreshing and energizing. In addition, her calm persona puts us all in a receptive mode that allows us to benefit from the activities she leads. Our organizations have truly benefited from Deb Kiley’s passion for wellness.”
~ Judith A. Berg, PhD, RN,WHNP-BC, FAAN, FAANP
Clinical Professor, The University of Arizona College of Nursing
“Ever attended a meeting that required travel??? Then you know the agenda is “jam packed” to get the most out of the time available with all in attendance…. Had the opportunity to attend such a meeting where Dr. Deb Kiley did breakout sessions on promoting wellness and health for folks, whose lives are so busy they forget their own health… it was Absolutely outstanding… even had energy to fully engage in the afternoon sessions. She has an attitude, program, and activities that energize, motivate, and generally help you feel good…. Do hope she is at every marathon meeting I attend…”
~ Mona Counts,
“Dr. Deb Kiley has been speaking, for years, to every class of UAA nursing students about the art of nursing, to include wellness. Her information on personal health planning and health coaching is always well received. She is encouraging and inspiring to nursing students and always engages the group, tailoring her remarks to their individual interests. I highly recommend Dr. Kiley as a motivational speaker on any health-related topic."
~ Dianne Toebe,
RN, PhD, Associate Professor, UAA School of Nursing
"I had the great fortune of being on the receiving end of Deb's wellness interludes at a recent meeting. It was a terrific way to get our bodies up and moving instead of just sitting all day. I still use some of her techniques to help re-center me during my busy clinical day or when I find my stress level rising. Every meeting should include this type of self-care!"
~ Vanessa Pomarico-Denino,